Terms of Use


  1. Name of Service: PaySG
  2. Nature of Service
    1. This Service facilitates the making of payment to Singapore government agencies by allowing them to easily digitize their payment – for example, in integrating with payment providers. It may be used only by a Singapore government agency and persons making payment to such agencies (the “Payor”).
    2. If you are a Singapore government agency, you are required to agree to separate terms with GovTech. Please contact GovTech for more information.
    3. GovTech DOES NOT provide, own or operate the services or goods that are being paid for and is not responsible for the fulfilment or quality of the services or goods.
    4. If you are a Singapore government agency making use of the Service to receive payment:
      1. You must have a pre-existing agreement with Stripe in order to use the Service which will link to the services provided by Stripe;
      2. You shall be responsible for binding the Payor to any terms and conditions or privacy policies applicable to the goods/services being paid for and any payment for the same, including any third party terms such as any account opening or API terms or privacy policies of Stripe, prior to the Payor’s use of the Service. These terms must be consistent with these Terms of Use;
      3. You shall ensure that the your terms with Stripe permit the usage of the Service by you and GovTech's use of Stripe software (such as any APIs) for your benefit or on your behalf. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary (including where GovTech obtains the APIs directly from Stripe), you shall ensure that Stripe shall have no claim, demand, or cause of action against GovTech arising out of or in connection with the Service or GovTech's use of the aforesaid software or Stripe and that GovTech shall not be required to enter into any agreement with Stripe. You are solely responsible for compliance with the terms of Stripe if GovTech uses Stripe or software from Stripe for your benefit or on your behalf.
    5. If you are a Payor making payment to a Singapore government agency:
      1. Please note that you may be bound by additional terms and conditions or privacy policies in respect of the goods/services as may be imposed by the agency;
      2. Any issues concerning payment (such as refunds or cancellations) should be directed to the agency requesting payment;
      3. GovTech may withhold certain functions of the Service from you which are unrelated to your capacity as Payor (such as payment dashboards).
  3. Third party software/services
    1. Postmark
      https://postmarkapp.com/terms-of-service (in particular, the acceptable use and privacy policies)


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